Marino Amoruso, an award-winning writer, director, producer and author has written, directed and edited over 50 films for networks such as PBS, The History Channel, Fox Sports Network, ESPN, The Arts and Entertainment Network, Madison Square Garden Network, Metro Sports, Lifetime, USA Network, Documentary Network and many others.

 He has been nominated for four Emmy Awards, won the prestigious Western Heritage Award as well as awards at the New York Film Festival, amongst others. He has written nine books – the novels Across 7th Street; The Sixth Family; Monroe City Blues and The Last Outlaw.

His acclaimed non-fiction books include Gil Hodges: The Quiet Man; Back in the Day: Reflections of a Baby Boomer; Being Italian: A Memoir; Our Contributions: The Italians in America and The Italians: A Musical History.

Amoruso’s film, the docudrama Jackie Robinson: My Story, won two Best Picture Awards and has been adapted as a stage play. He has received the Italian-American Literary Achievement Award from the Sons of Italy in America for his critically-acclaimed book Being Italian: A Memoir as well as honored with the Distinguished Achievement Award for his contributions in preserving Italian-American culture, history and heritage in his books and films. Most recently, Marino wrote and directed an original series, Pray For Us Sinners which is based on his memories of growing up in Brooklyn, NY during the early 1960’s.