Aunt Phil Gallo's Cookbook
Compiled & Written by Michele Gallo Cook, Edited & Designed by Marino Amoruso

In a big Italian family full of great cooks, Aunt Phil (Felicia) Gallo was the best.
She was born in July of 1922 in Bisceglie, Italy – a city at the top of the “heel” of the Italian boot on the Adriatic Seas - the eighth and youngest child of Rafaelle and Aurelia Amoruso.

She came to America in February of 1938 with her mother, Aurelia, and her older brother Vittorio. By that time her father had passed away and four of her seven older siblings had already immigrated to the United States and settled in Brooklyn, New York. The only two siblings left in Italy were older brothers Angelo and Franco who had been drafted into Mussolini’s army and could not escape. Both Angelo and Franco, when home on leave, told their mother Aurelia to take Vittorio and Felicia and go to America as soon as was possible – that a big war was coming, Mussolini would side with Hitler, and Italy would be in the middle of it all.

Upon her arrival in America, Felicia lived with her mother in an apartment in Brooklyn. In 1943 she took a ride out to eastern Long Island with older brother Marino to buy fresh produce. On the way back they stopped at a duck farm owned by a friend of Marino’s named Sullivan Gallo. It was there Felicia met Sullivan’s son, Michael. He had not been drafted into the military because his work on the farm was essential to the war effort. The duck meat was a major source of food for the United States Military and the duck feathers were used as insulation in flight jackets for pilots.

Michael and Felicia started dating soon thereafter and were married in the fall of 1944.

They were wed for forty six years, had four children, and lived a wonderful life on the farm until Aunt Phil’s untimely death from cancer in 1990.

This cookbook, compiled by her daughter, Michele Gallo Cook, does not include everything Aunt Phil could make. She could prepare hundreds of dishes – most all of them from memory, as she rarely wrote anything down. Her daughter Michele has done a magnificent job in compiling the recipes in this book and it includes Aunt Phil’s best dishes.

It is more than a cookbook, it is, in many ways, the life story of a remarkable woman who was kind, generous, thoughtful, courageous, humble and loved by all those who knew her.

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