Cultures clash as families fight to save traditional values. Vincent, the son of an Italian stonemason has fallen in love with Rachel, the daughter of an Orthodox Jewish businessman. They live only blocks away from each other, but are divided by 7th Street, an invisible line separating the Italian-American and Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Love continues to grow between Vincent and Rachel through their undeniable connection, despite the challenge of being from such different worlds. Across 7th Street allows us to experience both the joys of new love and the pain of loss, as told by Vincent, a 20 year old street-wise kid, who grows into a man before our very eyes. Life plans and unforeseen circumstances take readers on a ride that seems familiar, but changes course at the worst possible time. Set in the early 1960’s, the story takes place during “the last era of innocence,” before world events erupted into turbulent times. Vincent’s friends and family add humor and a realistic picture of loyalty and compassion as they watch Vincent fall in love with a woman whose background and culture couldn’t be more different than his. Rachel, who is still controlled by her stern father, begins to realize that the world is a much bigger, more exciting place than the safe, rigid and strict life defined for her by her parents. Similar to books by Nicholas Sparks, Across 7th Street is filled with tender romance, humor and true emotion. An unforgettable story about the power of destiny and the surprising paths our lives often take.


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