Don’t ever forget where you came from! Every American, every family, has an immigrant generation that began life “on the other side” – coming to this nation carrying their traditions, culture, values, hopes and dreams. These descendants and the generations that followed have helped to form the great American melting pot. Being Italian: A Memoir is about Marino Amoruso’s big Italian- American family of warm, funny and passionate immigrant Italians who blended the generations and passed on the traditions and values of the “old world” to the new. It is the story of huge Sunday macaroni dinners with Grandpa’s homemade red wine and Grandma’s big apron, big heart and thick Italian accent. A moving, warm, poignant and totally entertaining read, Being Italian: A Memoir will have you laughing, crying and reminiscing about your childhood memories. Younger generations will learn about their past – no matter where their family came from. By telling the story of one family and their struggles to become Americans, Amoruso, in a larger sense, tells the tale of millions of people who came to this nation seeking a better life. These humble, hard-working immigrants could have never, in their wildest dreams, imagined that they would change the course of American society and world history.

Winner of the 2012 National Italian-American Literary Achievement Award from the Sons of Italy in America.

“The story of one immigrant family’s struggles and triumphs to make a better life for themselves in America.  Poignant, moving, touching, emotional and often humorous, this is an absolutely wonderful book.  You will see yourself and your family in this book.” – Connecticut Post

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