Elvis is without question, one of the most beloved, idolized and legendary stars in history. Through his music, live performances and his films he brought joy to millions of people around the world. But for all his monumental accomplishments as an entertainer, perhaps his greatest legacy was the enormous generosity he showed throughout his life.

ELVIS: A GENEROUS HEART is a tribute to the King’s great and giving heart. Featured are interviews with Johnny Phillips; Lowell Hays – the King’s personal jeweler and friend; as well as his lifelong friend – George Klein, all of whom were witness to many acts of kindness by Elvis.

Filmed on location in Memphis, Tennessee as well as in Tupelo, Mississippi at Elvis’ birthplace, this film is a MUST have for every Elvis fan!

Select scenes from MyMar Entertainment's critically-acclaimed film ELVIS PRESLEY: A Generous Heart. This is the special edition director's cut of the film and contains scenes that were not in the films original television broadcast.

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