Yogi Berra is a national icon, a true American folk hero.  Through the years we’ve laughed at his “Yogi-isms,” everything from “Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded,” to the now legendary “It ain’t over til it’s over.”

But Yogi Berra the man is so much more than just funny sayings.  This film is the most definitive show ever done on Yogi’s life and career.  Why? Because, Yogi himself tells the story of his life in his own words.

Featured are never-before-seen photos from the Berra family, as well as incredible color footage from the great Yankee teams of the 1950s (provided by the Yogi Berra Museum and the Berra Family.)  Special guests include: MICKEY MANTLE, GEORGE STEINBRENNER, DEREK JETER, TINO MARTINEZ, CARL ERSKINE, WILLIE MAYS, DUKE SNIDER and so many more.  The special edition director’s cut also includes a special chapter featuring some of the best TV commercials Yogi has done throughout his legendary career.

Select scenes from MyMar Entertainment's critically-acclaimed film YOGI BERRA: In His Own Words. This is the special edition director's cut of the film and contains scenes that were not in the films original television broadcast.

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